How to Choose a Demolition Contractor in North Carolina

Knowing how to go about hiring a contractor for demolition is important, as it can be a tough job. You want to make sure you hire the right person for the job. First of all, you’ll need to determine exactly what your needs are before calling a contractor. Setting up an appointment with one of our team members at Prime Demolition will allow you to meet with a demolition expert and determine if we’re a good fit for your project.

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Consider the Following Things When Deciding Where to Go

The term “demolition” refers to the process of demolishing structures and buildings of all types. It’s more difficult to safely demolish larger buildings. However, it may be accomplished by consulting these things when selecting a demolition contractor:

Safety Management of Construction Demolition

Safety management of construction demolition is accomplished through the safe work practices of organizing, planning, implementing, and coordinating all activities related to any type of construction project. Demolition companies follow strict safety measures involving personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, materials handling, and machinery used during construction demolition. It’s important to note that attention must be paid to international standards for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) not only for the personal protection of people on site but also in regards to the protection of the environment. Also, known as industrial hygiene.

The Construction Demolition Technology and Tools

Tools used in construction demolition vary depending on the size of the building being demolished. Several machines are capable of tearing down buildings, including excavators, cranes, bulldozers, wrecking balls, and jack-hammer tools. Excavators are often used to strip the building down to the foundation level by removing bricks or concrete. Cranes are useful for bringing materials down from upper levels where they can be stacked for further removal by either a crane or an excavator equipped with a claw attachment. Bulldozers are necessary when it comes to pushing large amounts of material into designated areas for further processing. Jackhammers are ideal for taking apart small sections at a time while hand tools will be required to remove individual bricks or blocks weighing less than 50 pounds.  

Demolition Waste Disposal Management

The first step involved in construction demolition waste management is the correct containment of the waste itself. Protective sheeting must be laid out over areas where the material will be transferred, stored on-site, or loaded onto trucks for transportation away from the job site. Containment is especially important when it comes to asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that must be contained after removal and disposed of properly. It’s critically important not only to contain these ACMs but also to prevent contact with them as well. Therefore, proper personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory masks, gloves, and eye protection must be used by all personnel assigned this task. Also, care should be taken when using cutting tools near ACM materials as microscopic fibers easily become airborne.  

Removal of Hazardous Material Handling

Hazardous materials must be removed from any site by a qualified and licensed contractor. Technologies like the Koehler Decontamination Tunnel make this process faster and more efficient. The Koehler Decontamination Tunnel (KDT) is a mobile decontamination unit, manufactured in Germany where it has been used to clean up the debris leftover from World War II bombing raids. Now, it’s being used to easily, quickly, and safely remove hazardous material from construction sites that may have become contaminated with asbestos or other dangerous substances during demolition.

Recovery of Valuables From Demolition

After the construction demolition is completed, it’s important to carefully go through all of the debris that was removed from the building. This allows for anything that may have been missed during the demolition process to be discovered and recovered. The most commonly found valuables are coins. Coins can be located in floor drains , behind radiators, inside light fixtures or even within an electrical outlet if copper wire had been used instead of aluminum wiring during its installation. Other metals, such as copper wire, brass corners of wall studs or pipes, steel beams and iron piping can also be recovered at this time along with various collectibles like antique plumbing fixtures (pot bellied stoves), vintage wallpaper and building materials such as wood flooring .   

Cost, License, and Insurance

Demolition, including the deconstruction of old buildings or homes, is an essential part of construction. It’s important to note that not all demolition jobs are the same. For example, a residential caretaker who will be tearing down a small garage should not expect to have the same requirements as someone hiring a contractor to demolish an entire building. Furthermore, it’s also necessary to research any specific licensing or insurance requirements for construction contractors and other professionals. Depending on the type of work you need done and where you live within North America, some information can be more difficult to come by than others. A professional contractor with experience in handling these matters will know exactly what and tools may already be necessary based on where they are.

Be Aware of Local Landscape Design Rules and Regulations

Before you start planning your landscaping project, check with the city or town to get a better idea of what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to outdoor decoration . Even if you plan on staying within the current restrictions, knowing beforehand can help you plan out your project more efficiently so that there is no need to change anything later on. This will save you time and money, especially if your goal is to keep costs down by not having to remove unnecessary additions. A good deal of research into the matter should be done even before picking up a shovel for work on any residential construction.

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