The Commercial Demolition Process

As expert demolition contractors with years of experience in commercial demolition, Prime Demolition provides our clients with many different services related to commercial demolition. 

Commercial demolition is a broad phrase to explain what we offer to commercial property owners. To be more specific, commercial demolition can include complete structure demolition, specialty demolition, and selective interior demolition. In this post we will cover the commercial demolition process.

Considerations When Starting a Commercial Demolition Project

Safety is most important when starting a demolition project, especially if asbestos removal is involved within the scope of the project. Because commercial demolition projects are much larger scale projects than residential demolition, they require bigger machinery and even explosives in some cases. 

With that said, there are some things to consider before starting the building demolition process to ensure safety, stability, and to avoid unexpected collapses from occurring.

Consider these things:

  • Stability of the building
  • The features of the basement, storage, and wells within the building
  • Public access
  • Boundary walls

How to Ensure Safety

In order to ensure safety during a commercial demolition project, a risk assessment must be done to identify the risks, such as hazardous materials and more. A risk assessment will allow demolition contractors to understand which demolition method is best for the project. 

Different types of demolition:

  • Interior demolition
  • Selective demolition
  • Dismantling/deconstruction
  • Complete demolition 
  • Mechanical demolition 
  • Implosion
  • Crane and wrecking ball

Preparing a demolition plan which includes information on the demolition method and process is crucial. It is also beneficial to include information on any environmental damage and hazards the project may cause. Having a plan and sticking to the plan can help keep the project on schedule.

Those who may be affected by the demolition project, such as neighbors, employees, and the general public should be notified of the plans and timeframe in advance. Doing so can prevent collateral damage, inconveniences, complaints, and other issues.

What Else Needs to be Considered?

The first thing needed before starting a commercial demolition project is making sure you have all the permits required for the project. The majority of cities in the United States require the right paperwork before tearing down a building. This is required regardless if you are a tenant or the owner of the building and land. Failure to get the necessary permits can result in substantial fines. 

Next, you’ll need to make sure there is no asbestos in the building. Many people think asbestos is only found in the insulation, however it can also be present in floor tiles, popcorn ceilings, plaster, and more building materials. If asbestos is distrubed, it can release fibers that are dangerous to inhale. Therefore, there should be no asbestos present, or the removal process should be done before demolition begins. 

Last and as mentioned above, neighbors, employees, the general public, and anyone who could be affected by the demolition project should be notified. Demolition projects, specifically commercial projects can be very noisy. Providing a heads up to those who could be affected is a courteous act and will go a long way.

What’s the Timeline and Cost of a Commercial Demolition Project?

Once the demolition permits, paperwork, and site preparations are in place, it can take as little as three days or up to a week to complete the demolition process. A few factors to consider when estimating the lead time are the size and structure size. For example, larger buildings located in the heart of the city can take longer to demolish. 

The cost of a commercial demolition project depends on the project specifications. The national average costs for commercial demolition projects is $4 to $8 per square foot. The average size of commercial buildings in the United States is around 5,000 square feet. Therefore, the average commercial demolition project cost in the United States is roughly $30,000.Contact Prime Demolition for Commercial Demolition Today

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