What is the Process for Demolishing an Entire Home?

Home demolition is a straightforward and simple process, but as with most things in life, it isn’t any less daunting if it’s your first time. If the thought of tearing down a house makes you want to run away screaming, don’t worry. Our experienced home demolition experts will take care of everything for you. In the guide that follows, you’ll find all the steps necessary for demolishing an entire home.

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Home Demolition Guide

The demolition process may appear daunting, but our guide will take you through it one stage at a time, making it simple as 1-2-3!

1. Determine which demolition method is right for you

There are several methods to demolish a home, therefore the first item on your list is to select which type of demolition is right for you.

Mechanical Demolition

This process uses machines to break the home down into smaller pieces. It’s the most common type of demolition and is suited for both single and multi-story homes.

Wrecking Ball: As the name suggests, this demolition method uses a wrecking ball to batter the home until it’s destroyed. It’s a popular choice for older homes that may not be suitable for mechanical demolition.

Hydraulic Demolition: This process uses high-pressure water to break the home down into smaller pieces. It’s a popular choice for delicate materials such as brick and stone.


If the home is in good condition and you’re looking to salvage as much of the material as possible, then deconstruction is your best bet. This process uses machines to tear down the home piece by piece, making it ideal for homes that still have some value.


If you’re looking for a more dramatic end to your home, then an implosion may be right for you. This demolition method uses explosives to bring down the structure in seconds. While this is the most efficient way to demolish a home, it’s also the most dangerous.

2. Notify your local municipality

Before you can demolish a home, you must first notify your local municipality of your intentions. This is generally a simple process and can be done by either mailing or emailing them a letter of intent.

3. Secure the property

Once you’ve notified your local municipality, the next step is to secure the property. This can be done by either putting up a fence or hiring security guards. It’s important to do this as you don’t want anyone getting hurt while the demolition is taking place.

4. Hire a demolition contractor

Now that you’ve secured the property, it’s time to hire a demolition contractor. This is an important decision, so take your time and do your research. Make sure to ask for referrals and check the contractor’s licensing and insurance.

5. Schedule a demolition date

Once you’ve hired a demolition contractor, they will work with you to schedule a demolition date. Generally, this process takes a few weeks, but it’s important to make sure that you give the contractor enough time to prepare.

6. Remove all personal belongings

Before the demolition can take place, you must remove all personal belongings from the property. This includes furniture, appliances, and any other items that may be in the way.

7. Disconnect all utilities

Before the demolition can take place, you must also disconnect all of the home’s utilities. This includes water, gas, and electricity.

8. Remove any hazardous materials

Before the demolition can take place, you must also remove any hazardous materials from the property. This includes asbestos, lead paint, and any other materials that may be harmful.

9. The demolition process begins

Once all of the preparations are complete, the demolition process can begin. This generally takes a few days, but it will depend on the size and condition of the home.

10. Clean up and salvage what’s left

Once the demolition is complete, the next step is to clean up and salvage what’s left. This can include anything from the home’s frame to the bricks and windows. It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.

If you’re looking to demolish an entire home, then these are the steps you need to take. Make sure to notify your local municipality, secure the property, and hire a reputable demolition contractor. The demolition process can take a few days, so make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare. Once it’s complete, you can clean up and salvage what’s left.‚Äč

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