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Demolition Services in Fayetteville

Prime Demolition is your source for full-service completion demolition in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. Whether it’s, commercial, or industrial project, Prime Demolition will get the job done. We also remove asphalt surfaces, concrete, and wooden structures. We know that demolition not only requires experience but also precision and above all, safety. You can trust Prime Demolition for a professional and efficient job each time. We have the highest safety standards for each project we complete.

Our Demolition Process

At Prime Demolition, we take pride in our work and look forward to communicating with each of our clients. We believe this is critical to customer satisfaction. From the start, we work with you and discuss what service you’re looking for so that everyone is on the same page. We’ll meet with you to talk about all of your options. You can expect communication throughout the project until it’s completed.

Prime Demolition goes above and beyond no matter the project. This is what sets us apart from the competition. We can help you get the proper permits that are necessary to start the demolition in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. We know what regulations exist locally which will help the process go smoothly. Prime Demolition is also licensed and insured for demolition services so you don’t need to worry.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority for us at Prime Demolition and we know that it is for you too. We understand that unsafe conditions can arise when the right precautions are not taken. During the demolition process, we take every measure possible to make sure the area is safe. This includes protecting nearby properties with debris-catching temporary fencing and more.

Salvage & Clean Up

If you want to salvage any materials from your industrial or commercial demolition, we can work with you to recover recycling and reusable items. These can be resold or donated. We also leave the demolition site clean by removing all debris, including remnants from the foundation.

Our Experienced & Skilled Demolition Team

When you hire Prime Demolition, you don’t have to worry because our professional staff will handle everything. Customer satisfaction is a priority to us and it shows in our work. You can trust us to finish the project to your satisfaction. We will do everything necessary to ensure your property is in good condition during the demolition and the removal process.

The Best Tools & Equipment

At Prime Demolition, we use the best equipment for the job. You can count on us to work efficiently and safely with our high-quality, heavy-duty equipment. From start to finish, our tools and equipment will help us in all steps of the demolition process from knocking down walls to breaking up foundations in Fayetteville. We do it all.

Our Other Demolition Services

Commercial Demolition

We specialize in demolishing commercial and industrial buildings. We have the workforce and expertise needed to professionally handle many industrial and commercial projects. We offer selection and structural demolition as well as large-scale interior strip-outs.

Complete Home Demolition

At Prime Demolition, we can also handle residential tear-downs without any problems. We have the knowledge and machinery necessary to handle your demolition project. You can count on our experienced team to handle your job from start to finish.

Asbestos Abatement

We include asbestos abatement as a primary service because we know this is hazardous work that requires precision. Finding asbestos in structures is normal during commercial and residential demolition. We handle asbestos removal safely and efficiently. Hire the experts at Prime Demolition to handle asbestos abatement at your property in Fayetteville.

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